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KT Fanbook

KT Quotes

Your favourite KT quotes....

"Always a pleasure, never a chore"

"The thing is, everyone seems to LIKE my voice sounding like Lulu's woodbine smokin sista, but it's a frightening predicament to try and keep it this way...time to read Keith Moon's biography perhaps?"

''This song is about long-distance relationships sucking....that came out wrong''

"Help me, Elle Magazine! How am I supposed to keep my tits inside my Vivienne Westwood?"

"Hopefully it will relieve the pain that I’m playing an electric guitar....It's a bit like having a willy. Have to admit, that certain feeling. If you haven't tried it you really should."

"and she awoke from her youth with a mouth like a badger's arse"

"Ladies, disregard your limits!!!!"

"Leg warmers. It's all in the legwarmers. Bring me strength oh little tubes of woolly magic. I think I'd better go back to bed."

"It seems that as soon as I see a camera, I purse my lips up like a cats' arse. Gotta Stop that. Note to self..."

"Well hang me out with granny's washing. I've signed a record deal!!"

"My poor computer is in hospital. It appeared to have had a stroke, but all my little music babies are ok thank goodness. Quite scary. Puts me right off getting a dog."

"Wash them pants girl, you're off to the land of apple pie!"

"I'm feeling so excited about making an album. I tell you, the universe is conspiring. More and more i feel like i know what and how and why, and it feels like letting go somehow. Letting a current take over from swimming. Woah daddy! Hang on just a wee minutey, this is all getting a bit f**k*' arty. Someone pass me a grip. Got it."

"I was cleaning the pond the other day and when i brought my hand out, it was alive with green phlegm & tadpoles! Screamed like a nancy i did, and then got quite worried i'd killed them all. God, not more aquatic drama...x"

"Will you please be quiet, or i'll forget the la la.....see...i forgot"

"Meeting up with ‘’ to make my album carbon neutral - they plant trees in relation to your album sales to negate carbon emissions. And when they're big i shall hug them. Or it, depending on how well the album sells."

"Best live act...?! If she fucking turns up!"

"I should introduce our secret third member of the band... he's from Taiwan, and he was very cheap on the internet. I know it sounds sordid, but he lives by my feet."

"I'm gonna go for the hot chocolate with whisky. It needs a name...Hot Choccy Bastard. The B word has always held endearing connotations for me."

"I always F this one up. But the question is, is it the pedal that F's up? Or is it me? It's the pedal every time..." *starts playing then stops* "....the pedal just F'd up"

"We just love it when Arnie gets his big instrument out!"

"There's nowt wrong with sounding like Bonnie Tyler anyway. This next song is called 'Total Eclipse of my Lungs on an X-ray Due to Phlegm'. Nice."

"Don't touch the baby"


A Fanbook For KT Tunstall