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KT Fanbook

KT's Achievements




ETTT Positions chart, made by BigBlack Horse


Black Horse and The Cherry Tree - Best Track Winner, 2005 Q Awards
(other nominees, James Blunt - You're Beautiful, U2 - Vertigo, Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle, Coldplay - Fix You)


"Giant WOO HOO and deserved too!

Fecking get in there KT, GO ON YA GOOD THING!" - stuff (Steph)

very well deserved... well done KT! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy" - CherryTree (Amy)

"Back of the fookin' net!!

Well deserved indeed. That's our girl!!!" - THFCGirlie (Chantelle)

"WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That is BRILLIANT news!! Very Happy Cool Very Happy Cool Well done KT and the boys Very Happy" - Helen

"woo bloody hoo...

get in there...

with yer big black horse and your cherry tree wooo..

well done KT! x" - Gem

"Wow! Well done the Tunstall!! Some stiff competition in her catagory, what an achievement!!" - TheCraig

"Excellent last, class is rewarded!! Very Happy" - AndyB

"Well done KT, we're oh so proud!!xx" - megs123

Well done r wee kt!!! Very Happy" - Stephen

"BRAVO , well done KT
congratulations . . . you're the best ! ! !" - Camille


2005 Mercury Music Prize Nominee


"Agreed. KT should have won. She's the hardest working musician I know. And as I read elsewhere in the forum, if the nights results was decided on performances alone she would have won hands down. KT stole the show in that respect." - (Neocryptic Victim)
"KT was by far the best" - (Freed)
"KT and the Wee Bastard did us proud" - (Zeddly)
"YOU WON IN MY EYES KT!!!!!" - (*Univers&you*)
"well done KT, winner in my eyes!! I did get a bit emotional aswell, i recall saying "please god let her win" - (megs123)
"But KT gave such a stunning performance, and I was intensely proud that she performed solo, with Wee Bastard - EXACTLY as I remember first seeing her. That blew me away. WHAT a distance she's travelled, to be up there with all those Mercury finalists.

WELL DONE KT, you did us proud - a truly excellent performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - (Debbie)
"Ahh the Tunstallation Nation are proud of ya KT! Well done chick!" - (Daffers)


KT Tunstall in America


Eye To The Telescope debuts in at number 47 in the US album charts, selling approx. 28,000 copies in it's first week.
So far....
[{47}-57-52-54][4 Weeks]

Sales: 89,722


Singles - Chart Positions
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - 28
Release date: 21st February 2005
Other Side of the World - 13
Release date: 9th May 2005
Suddenly I See - 12
Release date: 29th August 2005
Under The Weather - 39
Release date: 5th Decemeber 2005
Another Place To Fall -
Release Date: 13th March 2006


KT's Releases


Eye To The Telescope


Eye To The Telescope - American Release


CD Singles


Vinyl Singles


False Alarm EP and Throw Me A Rope 7"


Acoustic Extravaganza - CD/DVD


"One Year On"

"Has it really been a year already?! Wow. What a year it's been!
I have absolutely no doubt that KT will just keep getting better and better, and make us proud!!" (Becs)

"wow, a year, time flies ay!! Congratulations to KT and the boys for a having a amazing year, here's to many more and much more success!! nothing left to say but...."rock on the Tunstall"..... " (megs123)

"...little did I think that those 3min of TV would have such an affect on my life." (James1)

"Flipping heck - all that in 12 months????! Excellent talent and an even better management team, all that non-stop touring and promoting has clearly been paying off. Congrats KT & Co.. happy anniversary!" (Plek Trum)

"GOD BLESS JOOLS HOLLAND!!!!" (jaffacakes)

"Wow - that is fantastic to think what she has achieved this year! I know that the hard work began long before then though! Well done KT, well done everyone involved with KT xx" (Natalie Houghton)

"awww.... it fells like more than a year now... wow what a year it has been...congrats KT, the boys and all involved... you have done a stonking job!!!! Happy Anniversary..." (Cherry Tree)

"God that year has gone quick! Well done KT & Co, here's to more top choons and fabulous gigs

"I remember that Jools show like it was yesterday! Sitting in my wee room in Glasgow, hacking away at my Dissertation........what a treat to hear BH&TCT that very first time, it made me smile a lot! Very Happy
Oh how she's grown, so proud! Talent like that doesn't come around often - here's to the next 12 months!
On yersel' KT hen!" (thefuturemrsvegas)


A Fanbook For KT Tunstall