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KT Fanbook

The Shoulder Jerk

No KT perfomance would be the same without it....


"The Guardian...some time in February...referencing the ICA gig... wrote:
Tunstall's got a megawatt charisma of her own. Her shoulders never stop shuddering; her head always shakes, even to the mournful sound of the cello and trumpet during Stopping the Love." - (Posted by LauraG)

"She does get her groove on with that shoulder!!" - (megs123)

"I think it's great and looks like she's really 'getting into it'!" - (NatalieHoughton)

"Awh I love the shoulder jerk thing she has going on!" - (HeidiC - Siobhan)

"Is it her equivalent of the David Gray wobbly-head or Liam Gallagher's hands behind the back? I think so people!" - (Stephen)

"That dance should go down in history!" - (*Universe&you* - Clarissa)

"Jamiroquai better watch his back.... Razz" - (Stephen)

"OH MY GOD!!! I actually HEART that dance she does - it fecking rocks!!" - (Brushfire - Grace)

"With the shoulder jerk dance and the boots, it will be the 21st century equivalent of line dancing!" - (Lonesome Pine)


And this years nominations are.....

Goldfrapp (crowd cheers)
Royksopp (crowd cheers)
Basement Jaxx (crowd cheers) aaaaand
KT Tunstall!! (crowds go crazy mental, start hunching over and doin' crazy things with their shoulders!).

Yep, I can just see it..... Wink" - (Stephen)

"It's so true, that Black Horse video, seriously by the end it's totally impossible not to shoulder wiggle along too!" - (LauraG)


A Fanbook For KT Tunstall