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KT Fanbook


Stopping War Against Tunstall


Certificate made by Leanne (Freed)


The Official KT Tunstall Swat Team Badge - Made By megs123


The Swat Team Song
When there's trouble afoot
And someone's up to no good
Saying things about KT that you don't think they should
When there's a member on the loose
And they're posting some abuse
About our KT, then we know the path to choose
When's a stranger on the site
And they're posting utter shite
We won't lie down gracefully, we'll show them the light
The Swat Team
Defend and protect you
Always respect you
Never desert you
We won't let them hurt you
The Swat Team
The Swat Team
Enlighten the heretics
Show them the point of it
The point of this forum
Is to teach or ignore 'em
The Swat Team
From Orkney down to Paris, New York, London too
Honour and obey thy KT; that is what we'll do
From Orkney down to Paris, New York, London too
Honour and obey thy KT; that is what we'll do
Written by Tom (TheGuiltyUndertaker)


"We got ya back KT" - megs123

"KT, anyone messes with ya, we got you covered!! KT SWAT team to the rescue!!!" - piano gal

"Any motherf*cker mess with you, leave it to the Swat Team (trade mark) to go Jackie Chan on their motherf*cking asses" - Jaffacakes (Lisa)

"We gots yo back girl" - Vincent

"Our Role: Detection/Protection
Our Force: passion/perfection/dissuasion/action
Our Goal: KT's Imperturbation
Our World: the Tustallation Nation
Our Girl: KT (but it doesn't rhyme... we can say: K Tion?)

This is our Dedi
KTion!" - (Aurelia)

                                                      "Stay still 
                                                       While we 
                                                       Tunstallation Nation are fighting back"
                                                       (Annalsmith - Anna)

"Messing with KT? ehhh forget abou' it.....unless you wanna swim with the feeeshhhes...." (Cherry Tree - Amy)

"Biggin' up the Tunstall SWAT team masseeve!" - (StarryTwiglet)


How the SWAT TEAM began....

"By the way KT and I talked about all you guys so many times during my stay in London. What we loved in particular is how if anyone dare be nasty about her on a posting you guys all swarm in like a SWAT team to her defence and scare them off quickstyle. And they dare not return! Go’on yersels! I dream one day we too will have a SWAT team to beat the meanies" - Donna Maciocia of Amplifico
^^ Donna mentioned this on the forum, so for a bit of fun....megs123 created a badge for the "SWAT TEAM"....and the rest is history....


A Fanbook For KT Tunstall