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KT Fanbook

The Style

You'd better watch your wardrobe, KT...


"i love that KT is bringing flat boots back into fashion" (piano gal)

"I wanna see KT sprawled all over the pages with her fab style... Let's hope her boots are there!" (annalsmith)

"Loving her look! I so aspire to have her style!" (annalsmith)

"Have you noticed all of KT's gorgeous scarves in her videos? Well, you can never have too many scarves, so I've decided to knit them all!" (

"I love it how she combines a sparkly dress with biker boots. Only KT can do that!" (annalsmith)

"i think we all want them boots, and i certainly wouldnt mind that leather jacket she's wore in some photos!! awesome!!" (megs123)

"KT looks rather lovely in her pink dress" (daffers)


"...she has changed the way I feel about leg-warmers in a very profound way." (Mis)

"KT definitely has the coolest boots. She's always wearing new and cute ones." (Ling)

"And how awesome is that red dress?! I adore KT's fashion sense." (Libragrrl2001)

"she is the queen of STYLE!!!!" (Biro Queen)

"i do like it when she mixes boots with spangly dresses best"(wooohooo)

"she does have fooking awesome style!

I wouldnt mind invading her wardrobe!" (Rainbow Dust)


"those boots r a legend" (xx_Bekah_xx)

"loving the blue sparkly number" (charlie28)

"LOVE KT's glasses, she's so blinkin gorgeous." (Joanna)

"She looked the part too, working the pink sparkly dress and cowboy boots combo!" (Gemboline)

"A pretty subtle outfit (compared to what she normally wears! LOL ) but looking lovely." (THFCGirlie)

"Its official - every one loves her style!!

I posted pics of her about 2 weeks ago on a fashion website under the unknown celeb style and everyone thought she looked great!!" (truebluejen)


"Looking goooood tonight in her spangly trousers. I'm liking the outfit actually...the trousers do make it slightly crazy, but guess that's what our KT does best" (jacsgud)

"I WANT HER HAIR." (xroziex)

"KT looked gorgeous, groovy skirt" (Joanna)

"I bet tons of chicks go into the hairdressers tomorrow and are like ''I'll have a KT Tunstall please!'' (THFCGirlie)

"I think she always looks crackin'" (James1)

"The skirt!? FANTASTIC!! Love the skirt. If I had one, i'd SO wear it." (virago)

"KT always looks stunning." (Becs)


A Fanbook For KT Tunstall