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Collage made by megs123 (Tickets provided by megs123, AndyL, cherry tree, freed, pnutz, ickle freak, tweetypie2005)


Cherry Tree (Amy)




Freed (Leanne)


megs123 - HMV Oxford Circus Signing Sept 05



THFCGirlie (Chantelle) - Barrowlands


Andy B - Camden Underworld


Andy B - Before Jo Whiley show, Thursday 9th Feb 2006
Radio 1 - Maida Vale, London



Photo's by Rosie - Camden Underworld


Photos by Rosie - Shepherds Bush Empire October 05



Photos by Clarissa (Univers&you) - Manchester Academy


Photos by Gerard (Lonesome Pine) - Left, Tower Records signing March 5th 2005.  Right, Olympia October 26th 2005



Photos by Pete - Barrowlands November 05


Photos by Pete - Hogmanay 05


Photos by Pete - Radio 2 Gig - Aberdeen


Photo by Aurelia - Olympia, Paris, Feb '06


Gig Reviews - Oi Va Voi w/ KT Tunstall, Band on the wall, Manchester,
                                                                                                                                           May 14th 2004 - KT Tunstall, The Faversham, Leeds  - KT Tunstall, The Late Room, Manchester, November 23rd 2004 - ETTT Album review
All above reviews by Andy J

" I went straight from work to the city and i met my friend Lucy on the bus on the way up... we got to the city about 5:45pm and just decided to head straight to the Olympia so that we could get a good we were there from about 6 ish.. and we stood till the doors opened early at 7.., got some of the merch, badges, a hoodie and Eimear asked me to pick her up something from the gig.. Anyways back to the gig.... we still managed to get prime spot at the very front and right by KT and Sam!!! Score!!! Ed came on about 8 and did roughly about 5 or 6 songs...the poor guy though, practically the whole audience talked through his set and he was trying everything to get them to stop...playing off key, trying to deafen but none of it worked...poor divil... but he was very good... my friend Lucy absolutely loves him so she was really glad that we got to see him... then came the time...

KT!!!! awww she was awesome... I can't really fault her on anything... everything was just amazing....but because she had come on a little late at Belfast i thought that the same might happen for this night... so that would mean that we wouldn't been in time for the last bus out of the I texted my folks and asked would they collect us around 12, giving me time for the gig to be late and to maybe plead and beg for a setlist or a plektrum ...they said that they would be there by 11:45... ok I thought that's grand...the show was awesome and, in typical Irish fashion, the crowd were great and were really giving it loads but it's coming to the last song "through the dark" and I look at my watch and it's just after 10!!! We hung around for a while to see could i get anything, and eventually one of the roadies took all the set lists off the floor and I'm like "ooo ooo me me pllllleeeeaaaasssseeeeee" and he hands me one!!! YAY! to be honest I wasn't expecting anything else...I would have gone home happy with just that!

But we made our way out of the Olympia and so we had to wait because our lift wasn't going to be there for the best part of an hour... so we are standing down the side street just on the corner lying against the wall, watching all the drunk people go by and chatting and laughing, when this really nice lady comes up to us and says "are you girls waiting for KT?"...i said to her that we were waiting for our lift but that if KT did come it would be a complete bonus... so we chatted to her for a while and she was saying that her daughter (whose name was Ann i think) was waiting after an Alicia Keys concert a while ago, and that they had told her that they vary the doors that the artists come out of...

So at this stage it's about 3/4 of an hour later and we are still all waiting around but nothing...the stage truck has come and it has parked down the side street and the guys are putting all of the stage stuff on there...they have also put barriers down one side of the streets so that people can't walk up and down it but guess who is in the middle of them...yup me...

So I have been posted by the stage door down the side street and this guy from the Olympia comes out and he says “oh there’s a reason that the barriers are up there love..”… so I kinda look a bit sheepish a slowly move away. 'Ann' is standing at the corner, and poor old lucy is still standing in the same spot bless as I’m walking back towards Lucy, for some reason I look over my shoulder and i see this dark curly haired chap...could it i call him "Sam, sam..." and he turns around! IT IS HIM!!! "hi" he says in his english accent...queue much ummm'ing and ammm'ing from me... "Sam would you sign my set list for me?", "sure no problem" he goes and he signs it...

So I am looking at my watch again and i have gotten a text from my folks saying that they are there and that they are waiting...drat! No sign of anyone i go to sam "sam could you please get KT to sign it for me?"... "oh well she will be coming out in a minute if you want to get her to sign it yourself" he says …"please sam my lift has come and i don't know if i am going to get the chance ...i might have to go"... lucy has come up behind me at this stage and Ann has copped to who I am talking sam obliges, asks me what my name is, disappears for a few seconds and comes back out with my ticket and set list signed (thank you Sam! )... result!!! So Lucy sees it and she asks can she have her ticket so that she can get it signed...and Ann’s all ""ooo ooo let meee see" *eeek* ... so she starts shouting at sam..."sam is kt coming? will she be out soon" ...Sam says yes and then disappears...

So we are now standing on the other side of the alley way at this stage and there are rubbish bags all around us...when who pops out only KT herself ...."KT!KKKKKKTTTTTT!!!!" Ann's screaming in my ear again ... so KT shouts over from the other side of the truck (no pun intended) "come 'round the front" we proceed to run (don’t ask me why) to the top of the truck but I nearly kill myself over one of the rubbish bags that have been left out on the street, but I'm ok...we run to the barrier to get round it when the t-shirt that I am carrying for Eimear gets caught on the edge of the barrier and i am pulled backwards but because Ann is running right behind me she slams into me which sends me flying forward straight into Luke!!!!! *dying of embarrassment* so Luke smiles and asks if I'm ok and Ann is busy trying to unhook the t-shirt for me...finally we get round to the front where we all were originally standing at the start... and KT is looking at the three of us as if to say "right girls who's first" I'm thinking that since I have gotten my stuff signed already that i would let one of the other girls go... and Lucy is standing right in front of her but she hasn't said anything to KT so KT holds out her hand to get something to sign and she asks Lucy what her name is and so she tells her and KT looks at her and goes "oh I saw you, you were standing in the front weren't ya" so Lucy is grinning like a Cheshire cat at this...then she does the same for Ann and Ann hands her this letter that she has written for her and KT says "thank you very much" and holds on to I pluck up the courage to ask her to sign one of the tickets for friend, which I wanted to send to him.. then Lucy pipes up and asks can she get a picture and before I know it lucy has given me the camera (and with this next bit I really must have looked stupid) but the screen is black and so I go to Lucy "oh Luce your cameras not working what do I do?" and Lucy looks at me and goes "it should be, it's just the screensaver just press something"...ooohhh right *ahem* so I take the pic for her and the flash goes off and the two of them look beautiful in then I scramble for mine and do the same as Lucy did and Lucy takes the pic but I have the flash turned KT says "did that work... I didn't see the flash go off... do you want to take it again...are you sure that it's alright?" (yeah it's perfect except I'm in it *cough*) then I make an eejet of myself yet again and start going "thank you KT that's so nice of you, and thanks for taking the time to do this, and, and ...and....*die* why didn't I stop at one thank you... so KT is just going "it's alright, no problem, your welcome" lol!

So then she takes a pic with Ann...and we are all delighted and are on our merry way and KT and Luke and two other people all pile into a taxi (!) and as they are leaving i turn around and Ann is waving at them like a mad one! lol! so Lucy and I finally meet up with the folks and lucy is dead chuffed that KT actually recognised her and signed her ticket personally and at this stage I am wrecked tired from the last couple of days, I haven’t really eaten properly for the last few days and I have a pounding migrane...but I am sooooo happy that this was one if not the best gigs ever that i don't really mind...."

thank you (again) to KT and the boys for your talent, generosity and kindness that made this such a great evening…

Amy/Cherry Tree xo


Mother of god what a couple of days!!!

Just in the door after being to see KT the last two nights, Thursday in Aberdeen and last night at Barrowlands. F*cking amazing!

Sparkly gold dress! alas i was unfortunate to be behind the worlds tallest man who i feared his head may have fallen off if he carried on rocking out all night but hey he was having an ace time. Set was blinding, KT was gorgeous the band were excellent. The lil Noel comment and song were dead on! Cant really pick out a stand out track as they were all excellent, KT on drums oh yeah! Have to mention the girl on the shoulders during Black Horse, rock on!
Cringe worthy moment of the night came from my friend who when KT introduced the secret 6th member "wee bastard" thought she was talking about her toes  no word of a lie. She's not the biggest KT fan (although after taking her to two nights she is now!) but i was mortified when she shouted that.

What can i say, sparkly blue dress! Lovely! Looked great with her red guitar. Unbelieveable night, didnt think she could get much better after the night before in Aberdeen but she did and i'm sure tonight will be the same. F*ckin amazing, crowd were loving it and totally up for it, was right at the back but could see some glow sticks down the front!  KT rocked, looked amazing, sounded awesome cant put it into words but had the time of my life!

Hope everyone has a good time tonight and at the rest of the gigs, you wont be disappointed!
I'm knackered, hung over, worn out and broke but it was totally worth it.



KT Tunstall
The Hi Fi Club, Leeds - 1 August 2004

What a gig to savour! Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall (she hails from St. Andrews) has just embarked on a whirlwind tour of England and Scotland, and she kicked off in ebullient style at the Hi Fi Club, Leeds, on Sunday 1st August. Armed with acoustic guitar and her favourite new toy, the ‘Head Rush’ loop machine, she belted out a dynamite set of her excellent original compositions in her inimitable voice. She created a sound that had the audience giving her a standing ovation at the end of the set, and wanting more. And KT was just the support act! Main billing was for Leeds-based jazz-funk outfit Soul Flower, who wryly commented: “You don’t need support acts like that!!”

I got the feeling that many people at the club didn’t have a clue who KT was. She certainly made no mention of the fact that she’s just enjoyed an incredibly successful year performing as lead vocalist for world award nominees Oi Va Voi – her vocals on their album ‘Laughter Through Tears’, and her live performances with the band have made a huge impact. Nor did she mention she’s just landed a richly deserved recording contract with Sony. I’m a great admirer of her work despite the fact she hasn’t even released an album yet, and it was fabulous to have her in town this evening.

As soon as she started to sing and play guitar, though, the audience got her measure and realised this woman was seriously talented. She writes superb songs; great lyrics, loads of fantastic rhythm, and she performs them with real gusto in that gorgeous, distinctive voice of hers. She’s a singer who’s hard to categorise – KT told me she reckons her music feels pretty much at home under the ‘alternative acoustic’ tag. That sounds about right to me. She’s currently putting a solo album together, due out in November 2004, and cheerily told me “it’s sounding right up the street I wanted it to live on!!” On the strength of her amazing set tonight, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Although she was performing solo, you’d have thought she had at least a percussionist and backing vocalist with her, for she made excellent use of her ‘Head Rush’ pedal device. She took time at the beginning of many songs to set up brilliant percussive effects using her guitar, a tambourine, and her voice – a fantastic example was ‘Miniature Disasters’, an incredible, rocking number that connected with the audience immediately. ‘Another Place To Fall’, which KT hopes will be her next single release, was crammed with funky rhythm and a dynamite, soul-packed vocal. ‘Stopping The Love’ was another soulful number underpinned by easy rhythms and delivered with bucket loads of style. ‘Throw Me A Rope’ (her love song for this evening!) was a lovely, wistful, almost ‘folky’ number, KT’s sultry vocal conjuring sensual summery images – perfect at the end of this warm summer’s day! She performed a first rate set, including ‘Other Side Of The World’, ‘False Alarm’, ‘Heal Over’, and a total stunner, ‘Black Horse & The Cherry Tree’. Here, she set up pulsing, hypnotic rhythms with the aid of ‘Head Rush’, adding some fantastic ‘whoa hoa’ vocal effects to add the finishing touches to this spectacular song - which hasn’t even been recorded yet.

After THAT standing ovation, she was dragged back for an encore, ‘Suddenly I See’ – yet another turbo-charged, sock-it-to-‘em number delivered with huge relish, and greeted by massive roars of approval. The club's PA system wasn't perfect this evening, but KT did it justice.

KT is a stylish, passionate, fun performer. Her sublime voice is right up there with the best British female vocalists, and she’s a superb songwriter. If she sounds this good solo, I reckon she'll be superlative with full band. Her forthcoming album should be quite something, and if she’s heading your way (check her web site for gig dates), GO AND SEE HER!
Written by Debbie


Gig History

Fri 1st Oct: Bannerman's (Underworld), Edinburgh
Sat 2 Oct: King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
Sun 3rd Oct: Fibbers, York
Tues 5th Oct: The Cavern, Liverpool
Sat 9 Oct: The Social, Nottingham
Sun 10 Oct: The Faversham, Leeds
Mon 11 Oct: Upstairs at The Garage, London
Fri 19 Nov Edinburgh, The Exchange
Sat 20 Nov Fife, St Andrews University
Sun 21 Nov Cambridge, Fez Club
Mon 22 Nov London, Barfl
Tue 23 Nov Manchester Late Room
Wed 24 Nov Oxford, Cellar Bar (gig was cancelled)
FEB 2005 TOUR 
Nottingham Social - Sun 6th February
Norwich Arts Centre - Mon 7th February
Brighton Komedia - Tues 8th February
Southampton Joiners - Weds 9th February
Cardiff Barfly - Thurs 10th February
Bristol Fiddlers - Sat 12th February
Birmingham Glee Club - Sun 13th February
London ICA - Mon 14th February
London ICA - Tues 15th February
York Fibbers - Thurs 17th February
Liverpool University - Fri 18th February
Leeds Cockpit - Sun 20th February
Aberdeen Lemon Tree - Tues 21st February
Glasgow King Tuts Wah Wah Hut - Mon 22nd February
London Scala - Weds 2nd March
Manchester Hop & Grape (University) - Thurs 3rd March
Edinburgh Liquid Rooms - Fri 4th March
Dublin Sugar Club - Sat 5th March
MAY 2005 TOUR 
Cambridge, Junction - Mon 16th May
Brighton, Concorde - Tues 17th May
London, Shepherds Bush Empire - Weds 18th May
Sheffield, Leadmill - Fri 20th May
Birmingham, Academy 2 - Sat 21st May
Manchester, MDH - Sun 22nd May
Newcastle, Northumbria Stage 2 - Tues 24th May
Glasgow Academy - Weds 25th May
Liverpool, Carling Academy 2 - Thurs 26th May
Dublin Olympia - Fri 27th May
Bridgewater Palace - 23/06/05
(Thanks to AndyJ for the above gig history)

Oct/Nov UK TOUR 
11.10.05 - Southampton Guildhall
12.10.05 - Leeds University
13.10.05 - Sheffield Octagon
15.10.05 - Birmingham Academy
16.10.05 - Manchester Academy
17.10.05 - Bristol Academy
18.10.05 - Cardiff Great Hall
20.10.05 - London, Shepherds Bush
21.10.05 - London, Shepherds Bush
22.10.05 - London, Shepherds Bush
24.10.05 - Belfast Waterfront
25.10.05 - Dublin Olympia
28.10.05 - Newcastle Academy
29.10.05 - Norwich UEA
31.10.05 - Nottingham Rock City
03.11.05 - Aberdeen Music Hall
04.11.05 - Glasgow Barrowlands
05.11.05 - Glasgow Barrowlands
06.11.05 - Edinburgh Corn Exchange
27/12/05 - INEC, Killarney
14.01.06 - Liverpool University
Festivals 2005
Radio 1 - One Big Weekend - 7th May 2005
Isle Of Skye Music Festival - 18th June 2005
Glastonbury Festival - 25th June 2005
Live + Loud - 26th June 2005
Oxegen Festival - 9th July 2005
T in the Park - 10th July 2005
Cambridge Folk Festival - 29th July 2005
Brecon Jazz Festival - 11th August 2005
Summer Sundae Festival - 13th August 2005
V Festival (Chelmsford) - 20th August 2005
V Festival (Staffordshire) - 21st August 2005
Oxford Party In The Park - 28th August
European Gigs
23/03/05 - Paradiso, Amsterdam
04/06/05 - Festivalbar, Turin
01/07/05 - Werchter
19/08/05 - Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen, NL
01/09/05 -  Postbahnhof, Berlin
02/09/05 - Stadtgarten, Cologne
03/09/05 - Melkweg, Amsterdam
07/09/05 - Cafe de la Danse, Paris
08/09/05 - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
12/09/05 - Festivalbar, Verona
22/09/05 - Rolling Stone, Milan
24/09/05 - New Pop Festival, Baden Baden
28/09/05 : EMI, PARIS
21/11/05 - Bataclan, Paris
22/11/05 - Röhre, Stuttgart
23/11/05 - Knust, Hamburg
24/02/06 - Lille Splendid, France
25/02/06 - Lyon Ninkasi, France
26/02/06 - Paris Olympia
14.08.05 - Regents Park Open Air Theatre
26.09.05 - Barbican Dylan Tribute BBC4
28/11/05 - Narrow Boat Pub, Newbury
31/12/05 - Hogmanay 2005 - Edinburgh 
12/01/06 - Camden Underworld
18/02/06 - Up Close and Personal, Dundee


A Fanbook For KT Tunstall