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KT Fanbook

The Tunstall Wins A Brit



On the 15th February 2006 at the Brit Awards, KT Tunstall was named Best British Female....


....And gave a rocking performance of Suddenly I See, complete with the amazing Tunstall ending the song on drums....


"Dear KT!!

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!*throws loads of flowers* We knew u`d get it, we knew!!U desirved the award more then anybody else and we´re so so so proud of you!!Well done you!!Were we mentioned in the speech? just joking hehe!!Congrats again!!

Ethzlaaaaaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" (Ethz Dudette)

"We're proud of you!
Very well deserved!" (Aurelia)

"Busking to Brit, ya got to love a rags to riches tale!

Well done KT, you worked your socks off and deserve the acknowledgement!

WOO HOO" (stuff)


Best news I've heard in a while, knew you had it in you KT!!!!!" (AngelMouse)

"You know, I can't think of any previous winner of best female who deserved it as much as KT did.

KT, you did us proud girl." (Keegan)

"NICE ONE KATIE! It wouldn't have been right if it hadn't gone to you really!

And following in the footsteps of another great Scot, Annie Lennox, who won it ten years ago in '96!

Enjoy the party and get whiskied! x" (the future mrs vegas)

"KT, you absolute legend,

Congratulations on winning you're award, not being biased....but you truly deserve it after an amazing year!!

I and the rest of the forum, are so INCREDIBLY PROUD of you!!

Well done girl

xxxxxxxx" megs123)

"Oh HEYELL yeah! That's what I'M talking ABOUT! God it's so nice to see some actual original TALENT winning some awards. Congratulations, KT! Rock the F--- ON!

Next up: KT sweeps the Grammys in '07." (Mis)

"This is a very well deserved prize for your amazing artistic work and your determination to make our ears very happy and grateful" (Aurelia)

"Never has there been a winner so very deserving of their award - you are such a star KT!! Here's to many more!!" (Hoofie)


My first visit here in a few weeks and I couldnt stay away ant longer.. the anticiaption of last night award results.

DELIGHTED for you KT, I really am. Much deserved ad you worked bloody hard for it.. good on you missus!! Oh - big up to the boys too!" (Plek Trum)

"No-one deserved that award more than you did KT and we are all MEGA hugely proud of you" (Nat)

"Congratulations KT! Everyone is so so proud of you and everything you have achieved. You totally deserved to win that award and it was so exciting to hear the news coming through last night. You have worked incredibly hard to get this far so you should take some time out to bask in the glory of this special time Very Happy Rock on girl! Love always...

Lxxx" (Mazen)

"Well Deserved!

Well Accepted!

Well Done!" (Neocryptic Victim)

"I'm so chuffed she won, she so deserved it." (ChrisW)

"Wow, what a performance! Cracking! She has done us proud - funny how you feel some sort of ownership for her! Class acceptance speech too. She comes out with some classic lines. She makes me laugh so much - awww!
Well done KT!! Good to see her with the band again too x "(Natalie Houghton)

"Cracking speech and performance!! Massive well done KT, you've done yerself proud!!!" (Universe&You)

"Definitely well said by our KT!

KT was fantastic tonight and did everyone proud." (Becs)

"Wow!!! She was class tonight!!! I loved it!!! Them trousers where truely awesome and for that dress... well... that has to be the best dress EVER!

Katie x X x" (*~Suddenly I See~*)





All animation above made by megs123


A Fanbook For KT Tunstall