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KT Fanbook

Favourite KT Moments

The best bits, chosen by the forum


"I honestly don't know that I could pick just one, single moment - there are too many to choose from. I think the Brits has to be up there for me, along with that amazing cover of Fake Plastic Trees." (Becs)

"Best bit for me was when she signed my ETTT cd after her Lemon Tree gig in Aberdeen last year and I had a wee chat with her." (stevemacbeath)

Her speech on the Brits: "disregard your limits" (blu)

"The Jooles Holland performance which i first discovered her on.

Good timing that one , for my life anyways." (Dan.J)

"My personal best KT moment ever was the Camden gig. Though, I'm sure everyone's KT gig going experiences are their favourites..

But generally, things everyone could experience...I loved her being on Jools this time round. Just the fact that she got to do an interview with Jools, and 3 songs! She did indeed rock it. Oh and Hootenanny. that was all very good, especially strutting her funky stuff to I Want You Back, without the guitar! You know, the few steps backwards and then the turn round, slightly Saturday Night Fever styleee. Fake Plastic Trees was just amazing too..

Ok, so that's more of a top few moments...And I'm sure there are many more equally good if I think a bit more..Was indeed an amazing year!" (jacsgud)

"I think KT taking part in the Bob Dylan Tribute was an incredible thing for her to be a part of....and she rocked it!!" (megs123)

"My favourite moment was probably her appearance on Jools Holland in November where she did Tangled Up In Blue and Ain't Misbehavin'.

Another one was BHATCT at Liverpool, where the whole crowd was singing 'no, no... you're not the one for me'. She grinned and just stood back from the mic to take it all in. It was a magic moment..." (AndyL)

"mine was seeing her live- WOW amazing!
i also loved the hootenanny, the brits, so many different things!" (piano gal)

"her interview on xfm recently with Lauren Laverne....PURE CLASS" (megs123)

"Oh god the XFM interview was incredible


"I love her speech at the BRIT's. And the bit about her dress splitting" (*~Suddenly I See~*)

"My personal fave is when Helen, Natalie and myself souted "Rock on the Tunstall" at the Manchester gig... and she replied!" (daffers)

"Her forum dedication at Sheffield Leadmill in May.

Such a proud moment to be part of that. That night was wonderful." (TheGuiltyUndertaker)

Belfast Waterfront. (New Order fan)

KT On The Drums @ The Brits 2006.

Pure class !!!! (Rainbow Braces)

Oh, and when Pete and I were lucky enough to see her perform 'Get Your Freak On' at One Big Weekend last year... that was pretty special. (Deviate)

Obviously my first gig two days ago!

But I think the real click was when I fist heard "I want you back" (from the Taratata show) such a brilliant cover!...
and also when I read through her entire diary in one shot, I felt afterwards as is I've just spent the kast hours chatting with a friend...
and also the first time I saw a video of her playing accoustic with the wee bastard....
Oh, and also her speech at the Brits...
Oh, yeah, almost forgot, my meeting with KT of course (Aurelia)

I just watched back the Hootenanny for the first time in ages. Definitely one of the best, if not the best, TV appearances for me. Her performance of BHATCT was just absolutely storming! I'd forgotten just how god damn good it was.

Brought a tear to my eye (jacsgud)

I would have to say when i saw KT at Top of the Pops in November performing UTW live and last week at the Pops also with APTF
Other than that Jool's Hootenanny New Year's Eve 2005 and Mercury Music Prize performance's There are so many others but i'll leave it there! (Carl)

God how could I forget meeting KT?

Most surreal moment of my life, couldn't speak!! And....she knew my name. (megs123)


"Favourite KT Performance"

"For me it's just the "I want you back" perofrmance on Jool's Holland Hootenanny New Years eve... That dancing! WOW!" (JellyBaby199306)

"THE BRITS!!" (freed)

"just her and her guitar on totps playing under the weather" (p-nutz)

"BHATCT on Jool's Hootenanny. For a television performance that was definitely one of the best performances I've seen her do of that song and just in literally leaves me speechless!" (jacsgud)

"Later...With Jools Holland October 22nd 2004." (Tom)

"The Brits. Or seeing her live has to be at the top" (sophie98)

"I think I might have a new favourite... listening to the Boston recording now, the band have come on so much since the UK tour last year. Loving the rock out at the end of False Alarm" (Andy L)

"I loved the Brits. Just a fantastic night for the gal!" (ThrowMeARope)

"I have a top 3

1.Jools Holland (2004)
3.Tangled Up In Blue, Bob Dylan tribute" (megs123)

"For me, the best performance I've seen her do to date is the Brits. Loooooove that performance." (ontheothersideoftheworld)

I've seen KT live three times so far (four, counting a bookstore appearance). The Boston and Philadelphia shows with Luke were both great, especially Philly, but the New York show with her band was just a totally outrageous concert! (and I go to a lot of concerts)

As far as TV appearances are concerned, I'll always love that first spot on Jools Holland -- I had never even heard of KT when I saw it on a DVD compilation of musical spots last September, and I was just completely blown away. But I also think the Taratata performance of I Want You Back is just about the sexiest thing I've ever seen & heard -- and wow, those amazing chord progressions!

Personally I thought the Brits production was a bit over the top, as much as I loved her pants. It's great that KT got the recognition she deserves of course, but toward the end of the number I couldn't help but imagine her thinking "This is not quite what I wanted to be..." (keith from ny)

"1 Bablake (November 2004)- very very special.
2 Jools Holland the first time
3 Supporting Joss Stone (Feb 2004" (Woody's Webwatch)


"The funniest thing KT has said at a gig/concert"

"I remember at Manchester she said something along the lines of playing an electric guitar is 'a bit like having a willy' " (ThrowMeARope)

"best live act...? If she f**kin' turns up" (in a scouse accent) CLASS!! (freed)

"it was at my first gig with KT!she wanted to begin a song and she had a little problem with her guitar....

she spoke about the problems of guitar with the cords and that only the girls can understand... she compared the cords of guitar with the string when it is too much tightened that can hurt!!" (kris9)

"belfast gig last yr. there was an idiot in the crowds, i mean serious idiot! being annoying the whole way through, shouting out stupid comments, kt tried her hardest to ignore him and get on with the show, but between songs she went to get a drink of her water and this idiot shouts out " i want a drink of water!" so she walked up to the mic and sed "the bars outside mate"

lol that soon shut him up!" (lil4589)

At the Boston show, there were a couple of British wankers in the audience that kept heckling her.

Wanker: "Scottish Rugby SUCKS!"
KT: "Take it to the sports bar, sir."
Crowd: Erupts

Wanker: "Do you like deep-fried Mars bars?"
KT: "No."
Wanker: "Why not?"
KT: "Because I like to live." (Mis)

"When the poor wee Irish lasses, at the first Olympia gig in Dublin, were shouting "go on KT ya legend". Which she misheard as "go on KT ya lesbian". A bemused KT to the audience " What do you say when someone calls you a lesbian?", ahh lost in translation!" (stuff)

KT, wearing a skirt....

"You're all very close at the front....... let's hope you've not brought your dentist's mirrors!" (Deviate)

"I have a guitar situation, people, the iron is, this song is called minature disasters, and I've just broken my G string!" (JellyBaby199306)

"You know, Atlanta is known for its strip clubs. Outside of the country, that is. This is where we all come...well, not literally, cause that's not allowed." (BeatlesFan)


A Fanbook For KT Tunstall